Vintage Wedding Gown Redesign

Betsy Couture specializes in the redesign of vintage wedding gowns. We have the experience and expertise to carefully reconstruct your heirloom gown into the perfect gown for you. It takes special skills to correctly work with fragile fabrics. We are experts at the intricate details that need to be dealt with to perfectly recreate a precious vintage gown. You can trust that we will treat your treasure with extreme care, making sure we are deliberate and detailed in the process. We love the sentimental significance of transforming that valued gown into your new heirloom wedding gown!

When you book your appointment, make sure you let us know you want a redesign of a vintage gown. Let us know the general age of the dress, when it was last used, and what you envision being done to the dress. This type of appointment usually requires a 90 minute initial consultation. Bring your treasured gown with you to the first appointment. Also bring the undergarments, shoes, and jewelry with you.

Day-of Services

Many brides have asked us to help them on the day of their wedding. We love to do this and will make ourselves available to help you in whatever way you desire. We have come to dress the bride – lace up corsets, put on headpieces, attend brides during photos to keep their dress primped and perfect during wedding day photos, etc. The photographers are usually looking at faces and groups, we look at YOU, your dress, headpiece, etc. and make sure you & your dress are perfect in every picture. If you are interested in any kind help on your big day please inquire during your fittings. We will make ourselves available hourly or for the entire day, just let us know!