A bespoke wedding dress means that each dress is designed and made especially for you. All designs are made by Betsy and are never replicated, meaning that your dress is truly your own – and that is the part that is most special.

At her comfortable private studio Betsy’s archive of silks, antique lace and vintage and modern fashion references, will all inspire you during the design process, which continues throughout the numerous fittings necessary to create a truly bespoke dress.

Each bespoke gown is designed specifically for you with our expertise. Designing a gown and having it made personally allows for more flexibility in design and fabric choices. We use only the finest silks, laces, and trims available, and travel to Los Angeles and New York to source specific fabric needs for your bespoke gown. All original, bespoke gowns are custom designed and made to your specifications in our boutique in Salt Lake City, Utah. For your bespoke, originally designed gown please make an appointment. Prices for a bespoke gown start at $3000.